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This site is dedicated to providing news and information for the Broadwater Community in Saint Petersburg, Florida and its residents.
  • event & Updates

    BCA Family Picnic
    Broadwater General Meeting

    Thursday Sept 8th at Grand Villa 3600 34th St. S. Join your neighbors at 6:30 PM, meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

    Featured Program: Eric Hirvela with City Codes Dept. and updates on Maximo Marina & Skyway Marina District.

    Snacks and drink will be provided by Grand Villa so come at 6:30 PM to socialize.

    17th annual Broadwater family picnic

    What a perfect day it was for the longest running Annual Broadwater Event on April 24th.  A crowd of 180 enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere as well as complimentary massages from Stern to Stem Massage (thanks Jeff!).  Thanks to all of volunteers lead by Evelyn Hill, Gia Ockuly and Kristie Wagner.  Our chefs (Ray Ockuly, Mike Zito,  Roger Sheahen, Mike Pezze & Mike Roesner) served  hamburgers, hot dogs, and Johnsonville brats from the grill and as usual our residents brought some great dishes to share.  TASCO once again entertained with music and games and inflatables for the kids.  We also had door prizes that were donated by 40 of our generous local merchants.  Please support these great businesses that support Broadwater!

    Many thanks to the following folks for donating their time and energy making this event a success for the 17th straight year: Edie Creter & Chuck Goes (our photographers), Jana Amsler, Dana Ando, Paula Briggs, Melanie Diaz, Mark & Patti Ewin, Linda Farden, John Ferguson, Deb Kedersha, Vivian Linden, Vicki Linkovich, Lee & Paul Krueger, Kristen Mory, Maria Roesner, Tim Stevenson & Tim Wagner and the 9 awesome members of the TASCO Team led by Yoser Pacheco.   Thanks also to all our 2016 Association members and our advertisers who support our social events all year.  Please visit family picnic 2016 to view or download photos of this event..

    May Day Race 2016
    may Day Race showcases the skyway marina district!

    The May Day Race was a huge success with nearly 500 registrants (including many Broadwater residents) for the scenic 5k, 10k and Kids Dashes.  The weather was perfect, the course was beautiful and the competition was tight!  A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who made this event a success, especially those from Broadwater.  This event would not be possible without great support from our local businesses as sponsors, especially Ceridian which hosted the pre and post-race activities. Proceeds from the race will benefit the Skyway Marina District and the Fund a Classroom Project for Pinellas County Schools. To view race results, you can visit and photos can be viewed on the Facebook at Skyway Marina District and May Day Race.  Perhaps most importantly, we have gained many more fans of the district and our beautiful Clam Bayou!  Hope to see you again next year!  Thanks to the following Broadwater volunteers who helped make this event a success: Mike Milvain, Dick Collins, Jana Amsler, Tom Ando, Kristen & Evan Mory, Kris Holtman, Vicki Linkovich, Lynn Hanshaw, Gia Ockuly, Phil & Sandy Spence, Hunter Whittle and Kathy Farmer.

    5th Annual Broadwater Boat Parade of Holiday LightS update

    It was the perfect evening for the 5th Annual Broadwater Boat Parade of Holiday Lights!  Thanks to all of our participants for a great parade!! Thanks to all of you who cheered from the shore and those that took the time to vote for their favorite. Thanks to John & Sue O'Conner for organizing the event, Tosti's for donating the 2nd & 3rd place prizes, Maximo Seafood Shack for the pre-party and Jason & Kim for the post party.

    Pictures may be viewed and downloaded here.

    The results of the voting were:
    First place: Boat #2 Jason & Kim Mottert

    1st Place Boat
    Tied for 2nd Place: Boat #5 Kevin & Michelle Stella (The Grinch Boat)

    2nd Place Boat 2015
    and Boat #10 John & Luz Sackett (The Kiss Boat)

    2nd Place Boat 2015 -1

    Carefest 2016

    Carefest is an annual community service day that encourages people to become more involved in their community all year.  Community projects are identified and then carried out the morning of September 24th.  Broadwater has participated the last 6 years and will do so once again in 2016.  Our volunteers will be working the registration tables at Lake Vista Park.  There is also a project within Broadwater this year so if you are able to volunteer or have any questions, please email or call Tom at 727-638-1421.  Your participation shows the city leaders that Broadwater cares so join your neighbors and show your community spirit!

    CAREFEST 2015


    Your dues are appreciated and support the many activities of the Broadwater Civic Association.  Thanks to our 304 paid members in 2015.  We ended up at 57% and 6 more members than last year’s total.  The 2016 membership form was included in the Winter Broadwater breeze or you can download it here. Please feel free to add a donation to your membership fee to allow us to do more to improve our already great neighborhood.  Please be sure to fill out your membership form completely even if your information has not changed.  This will insure that we have your information up to date.

  • event & Updates

    Debris in our Waters
    38th St Improvements Survey

    We are very pleased to announce the results of our 38th Street beautification Survey. We want to thank those that participated. So far it’s been a very heart filled project as we have received many, many, encouraging words for tackling this project and very few discouraging ones. Broadwater truly is a great place to live.

    Here is the summary findings from the survey:
    · Option #2 was voted the favorite with 47.2% of vote with #4 a distant second with 21.8%. Click to see complete results.
    · We had 125 responders who took the survey
    · Of the 125 responders , 121 pledged donations from $ 25.00 to $ 2,000.00.
    · 61 of the pledges came from 48th Ave S and 46th Ave S. The other 60 came from all parts of Broadwater, including 7 pledgers from North Broadwater.
    · Our total pledges to date are $ 23,550.00. Combine that with the city’s matching grant puts us at 80 % of our goal.
    · We still need approximately $ 10,000.00. going forward but we have enough to get the project formally started.

    Here is our game plan going forward:
    We are going to use The Broadwater Civic Association business account to hold all our funds, so please write your pledges to Broadwater Civic Association and send those checks to me: Mike Zito @ 4369 48th Ave S. St Petersburg, 33711…I will post them, keep track of payment, and hand them over to our Broadwater treasurer. She will then pay our vendors. I will keep all donors posted as to our ongoing progress.

    Your cancelled check should be your receipt. If you absolutely need one, let me know and I will send you one. Also if you forgot how much you pledged let me know that too. My e-mail address is

    There are two ways we can reach our goal: Our committee would like to ask each one of our neighbors who has not pledged to reconsider. Even a small amount from half of the hundreds who have not donated would help so much. Secondly we are asking for our 121 pledgers to possibly add to their pledge by 20% or 50% or 100 % to their existing pledge.

    Some have said this project has no value for them as they don’t live near there. That is not true, as eliminating an ugly eyesore such as the one on 38th St S. brings value to the entire Broadwater area just like the Skyway Marina Improvements will bring home values up to our entire area. That’s why 61 households not directly near our eyesore already donated. After we complete this project, we can entertain other needed projects in our Broadwater community.

    Thank you again for your support
    Mike Zito & the 38th St. Beautification team.

    Dirty Water in Broadwater CanalsDebris In Our Waters
    Many of our landscapers routinely blow grass clippings and other yard debris into our waters and streets.  Did you know that no matter where this happens in Broadwater the debris will end up in our canals and Boca Ciega Bay?  Did you know that fines up to $10,000 can be levied for allowing yard debris, grass clippings or pet waste to enter our waters even via street drains?  This type of activity can contribute to algae blooms that lead to red tide and frankly make our canals ugly!  Your lawn service is required to know these facts as well.  In fact they are required to obtain a Best Management Practices (BMP) certification to do business in Pinellas County.  The BMP course is a one-time 3 hour course that all employees are required to take.  In order to protect our waters let’s be proactive and make sure that we and our lawn services are aware of and follow these practices.  If you observe illegal activity you should make the person aware and if it continues you should report it to Pinellas County.  Together we can keep our waters clean.  For much more information please visit 

    BCA Holiday Events
    13th annual bca holiday party update

    The 13th Annual Broadwater Holiday Party was a success thanks to Evelyn Hill and her volunteers. 
    The 180 folks who attended met the new director of the Skyway Marina District Keri Melshenker and elected our 2016 Board of Directors.  We were able to raise $950.00 which included our 50/50 raffle winner Karrie Klement graciously donating her winnings back to the Guard!  With the match from the Broadwater Civic Association and the 50/50 proceeds, a total of $2136.00 went to our National Guard families. Thanks to all who donated and the following who helped make this event a success: Evelyn & Jim Hill, Rhonda Fuller, Linda & Dana Farden, Kristie & Tim Wagner, Dana Ando, Vicki Linkovich, Mike & Maria Roesner, Gerry & Lynne Moore, Sean & Jennifer Nyitray, Ray & Gia Ockuly, Jean & Roger Sheahen, Paul & Lee Krueger, Paula Briggs, Jeff & Anna Klement, Breanna & Tyler New, our photographers Chuck Goes and Edie Creter, Sgt. Ally and the National Guard Armory, The Impacs, Greg Dent for the 360 Vodka and Tequila, Home Depot (22nd Ave N) for the Poinsettias, Pinch A Penny Pools and Smith & Associates for donating raffle prizes.  Pictures may be viewed and downloaded here.


    Halloween Party 2015

    The old Rahall Estate was an ideal setting for 3rd Annual Broadwater Halloween Party on October 24th.  It was a picture perfect night for a ghoulish party and 160 attendees did not disappoint with some great original costumes and some creative Halloween themed food and drinks.  Forty kids showed off their creative costumes, including 4 pirates, 4 ninja warriors, 3 Disney princesses and queens, and 4 superheroes! All neighbors 14 and under were invited to participate in the Kid’s Costume Contest.  All of the contestants gathered up front and the winners were called forward to be recognized and to choose their prizes which included giant cockroaches, fake vampire teeth, flashlights, finger lights, puzzles, art supplies, nerf balls, and dinosaurs. Click here for list of contest winners.  Great job on the costumes kids and parents!!  Many really great adult costumes made for a very competitive contest that consisted of 3 categories.  Most original costume was won by Erwin Danneels and Selenia Rodriguez as the Hamiltons,   Kirk Price won for funniest costume as the Mystery Monkey and Kim Burnett took the trophy for the scariest costume as the Zombie Cowgirl. The maze was full of special effects, questionable characters and many surprises.  For those who wanted nothing to do with the maze there was a little less scary graveyard and hayride driven by Sean Nyitray.  The food contest brought out our creative Broadwater chefs.  When the votes were tallied up there was a tie for first place as Kira Sokol’s Bloody Fingers and Luke Feter’s Owl Cake took top honors.  Thank you to all who participated in this fun contest as it really spooked up the food table!  All of this fun was made possible through the planning and hard work of Sean, Jennifer & Nova Nyitray, Charlie & Christy Phillips, Gia & Ray Ockuly, Mark & Patti Ewin, Tim Stevenson, Mike Pezze & Margaret Stone, Dick Collins, Tom Ando, Tim & Kristie Wagner, and our photographers Edie Creter and Chuck Goes.  And of course none of this would have been possible without our gracious hosts who allowed us to take over a large portion of their property for a week and have expressed interest in hosting again next year.  We also want to thank the City of St. Petersburg Neighborhood Partnership for a $500 mini grant to help pay for the event.  The grant is designed to support events that bring residents together and create a more cohesive neighborhood.  Click here to view pictures of this event.

    BEST animal costume -- Ansley as the Cheshire Cat.
    scariest costume -- Leland & Ryan as Death and his Skeleton Warrior.
    BEST fairy costume -- Charlotte.
    BEST PRINCESS costume -- Sage as Princess Anna.
    BEST QUEEN costume -- Ettie as Queen Elsa.
    BEST VAMPIRE costume -- Anthony as Phantom of the Opera.
    BEST SUPERHEROES -- Bennet & Jayden as Captain America, Nolan as Spiderman and John as Flash.
    most traditional costume -- MacKenna as Little Red Riding Hood.
    BEST sports costume -- Jeremy as a Seattle Seahawk.
    most sparkly costume – Addie as a Sparkly Cat.
    sweetest costume -- Lila as the Pumpkin Ballerina, Alexus as a Bunny, and Ciara as a Kitty Cat.
    most colorful costume -- Kaitlin as a Crayon.
    BEST movie costume -- Madalyn as Princess Ariel from “the Little Mermaid,” and Kellen as a Starlord from “Star Wars.”
    BEST villain costume -- Dayonalee as the Harlequin.
    BEST group costume -- Alex and Gemma as Mummies.
    BEST pirate costume -- James, Easton, Jesse, and Kevin with his parrot.
    BEST Ninja costume -- Luke, David, Sean, and Nicholas as Dragon Slayer.
    BEST DEAD costume -- Jesse.
    BEST Nerd costume -- Kirsten.
    BEST 60’s costume -- Shannon as a Sock Hop Dancer.
    BEST Hero costume -- Andrew as the Knight Crusader.
    BEST WESTERN costume -- Jonah as an Outlaw.
    BEST INSECT costume -- Evanorah as a Bumble Bee.
    BEST ANCIENT MYTHICAL FIGURE costume -- Daunavyn as Thor.
    Congratulations to all and thank you for participating in our contest!

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  • Welcome Aboard!
    Lynne Moore has joined our Welcome Aboard representatives replacing Kris Holtman.  We wish to thank Kris for her time devoted to Welcome Aboard!  Lynne will be working with Maria Roesner and Mary Lisan to make sure all new residents are welcomed in a timely manner. If you need to let our Welcome Aboard ladies know about a new resident please email or call Maria at 498-6899 or Mary at 215-962-8814.  If you are new to Broadwater and have not been formally welcomed by Welcome Aboard, please email so that we can let you know about all of the things that make Broadwater such a great neighborhood and provide you with some welcome gifts.
  • Fall 2016 Beautification
    Mark Lee and Tamara Venditti 3864 46th Ave S Congratulations! Fall Beautification 2016
    Mark and Tamara will receive a $25 gift certificate for their beautiful renovations. Compliments of Debbie & Mike Zito and Lee Krueger, Realtors®. From Bayshore to the Beaches…WE SELL TAMPA BAY! 727-865-TEAM (8326), Homes@StPeteTeam.comSmith & Associates Real Estate
  • Friendly Reminders
    Trash Collection for the week of Sept 5th will be Tuesday & Thursday, Recycling will be picked up on Wednesday. Trash Collection for the week of Nov 21st will be Monday & Wednesday
    Visit for much more information.
    Do not blow yard debris into the streets or canals.  This is illegal and can lead to algae blooms and fish kills
    Please clean up after your pet.  It is against city ordinance to not pick up their waste so carry a bag and help keep Broadwater Beautiful!
    By city ordinance (Sec. 27-471), customers may place both trash and recycling containers at the curb by 7 PM the night before collection and must be moved from the street by 7 PM the same day following collection.
    Please discourage your dock company from using 38th St S (46th Ave to 48th Ave) to load materials.
    Please be mindful of the speed limit in Broadwater especially with children out of school for the summer.
    As a responsible homeowner you are required to maintain the gutter line in front of your property.  Keeping the gutter clean not only enhances the look of your property but also keep water flowing to the storm drains.  Standing water promotes algae growth and mosquito breeding.  Yard clippings should not be left in the gutter or swept into the storm drains as they will end up in the canal.  If you use a lawn service please remind them of these important points.
  • Helping Hands
    Broadwater Helping Hands is a program developed to assist our residents who need temporary or permanent assistance and do not have the resources readily available to obtain effective assistance.

    Click to view a short video of the volunteer effort